A reasonably new development from our FIREFLY Office in Sydney, Australia, is a roofing system, tested to the new and onerous AS1530.8.2 Bushfire test method of a BAL-FZ roof.

We all remember the disaster that was the Bushfire that absolutely devastated the area in and around the Victoria province. This prompted TBA Textiles in Australia to spend months, developing and successfully testing a roofing system, designed to protect houses from further bush fire attack.

FIREFLY PLUS60 is a prominent product in this system, offering high levels of fire protection to the roof.

The Victorian Government introduced the new residential bushfire construction building Standard, AS 3959-2009 in March 2009 responding to the need to better protect their bushfire affected communities.

The new Standard sets out six Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL) with corresponding construction requirements, BAL-FZ is the highest Bushfire Attack Level. Fire Rated Sarking and Blinds are amongst other products available as well as the usual Fire Barriers.

For more information on the FIREFLY products for Australia & New Zealand please contact our Australian Office on Tel: 00 61 2 8004 3333