Fire Doors and Hatches are usually inserted into the void construction, where access is required, used to gain access into the void above, to maintain services etc.

FIREFLY offer a number of solutions for this application.

FIREFLY have manufactured both a 30/30 and a 60/60 Access Hatch and Access Door, for use with the FIREFLY Barriers.

The Access Hatches are supplied 600mm x 600mm either 30/30 or 60/60 spec.

The Access Doors are supplied 1000mm x 800mm either 30/30 or 60/60 spec.

Please contact the FIREFLY Office for more details.

Alternatively the FIREFLY Barriers can usually be attached to the perimeter of a manufactured Fire Door or Hatch, or a removable panel can be made from the FIREFLY Fire Barrier and metal.

Details of both these solutions are available to download.