FIREFLY products can be easily utilised for a Loft Conversion.

Once a 2 storey house start to undergo a loft conversion, then in order to fully comply with Buidling Regulations, a fire barrier needs to be installed, across the full floor area, in effect separating the loft room from the rooms below. So that in the awful event of a fire in the rooms downstairs, the fire barrier will keep the fire and smoke at bay in order that the occupants in the loft room, if any, have time to escape.

FIREFLY PLUS30 a 30/30 barrier and FIREFLY PLUS60 a 120/30 barrier should be used, depending on the level of fire protection required.

The material can be installed either inbetween every joist, fixed with continuous flat strap and screwed through at the base of the joint at 250 centres, or fixed at the bottom of one joist and then spanning across the 2nd and 3rd joists and fixed at the bottom of the fourth joist. Both installation methods are simple to achieve. There is no need for any chicken wire or any further insulation, once FIREFLY has been installed.

Both products are lightweight, and are only nominal 10mm thick reducing to approx 7mm when compressed.