The FIREFLY Penetration Management system is a fully tested system, which offers a solution to maintain the integrity of the FIREFLY barrier, where services and pipes penetrate the barrier.

All penetrations above 12mm in diameter must be collared, those below 12mm in diameter, can be sealed using the FIREFLY High Temperature Adhesive.

Penetrations should be collared on one side only apart from timber, which should be collared on both sides.

The FIREFLY Collar is supplied in either 1 metre length or 10 metre roll, both being 300mm in depth. The FIREFLY Collar is easily recognised as its a bright green in colour, and is only suitable for use with the FIREFLY Fire Barrier System.

Cut the collar to size, enough to feed around the penetration, and staple together at 80mm maximum centres, using 12mm staples.

Each collar has a flange sewn on to it, which when installed, sits flush up to the barrier. The flange can be sealed to the barrier by stapling if its possible and then sealing with the FIREFLY High Temperature Adhesive, using 2 beads along the perimeter.

For plastic pipes, a proprietry product should be used.