NAUTILUS MFA60SB is a flexible, lightweight product, suitable for fire protection of STEEL bulkheads and Decks.

As the material is flexible, it lends itself to simple installation methods and is easily formed over and across stiffeners.

The material is actually supplied as three layers incorporated into one, and the layers are jointed individually, forming a very tight joint to the fire and smoke.

Once installed the material overlap at the top, bottom and side fixes, should be turned back on itself and screwed back over the metal. This ensures no water or oil can seep into the product, even though the material is water and oil resistant.

The NAUTILUS can be painted, using a water based paint, or overlayed if required, although this is unnecessary. FIREFLY can supply products to overlay.

The MFA60SB has been tested at the Beele plant in Germany utilising the Beele penetrations, which was succesful.

The product also offers excellent acoustic properties, at 23db.