Fire Hoods

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Fire Hoods, Downlight Hoods & Luminaire Hoods

Our FIREFLY HOODS division is the market leader in the manufacture of patented Fire Protection Hoods and Downlight Hoods -designed to prevent fire and smoke passing through the hole created by any electrical fixture. FIREFLY Fire Hoods are the obvious Passive Fire Protection choice when installed to fire rated suspended or modular (plasterboard) ceilings, ensuring all projects are  completed  to the highest effective level.

Passive Fire Protection buys vital time in an emergency

Fire HoodsIn the event of a fire, Fire Hoods and Fire Protection Downlight Hoods stop the fire and smoke from travelling through the ceiling and into the void above, mitigating the spread of fire. Installed correctly, Fire Hoods and Fire Protection Downlight Hoods and Luminaire Hoods hold back fire for up to ONE HOUR, allowing a building’s occupants time to escape unharmed and the emergency services to enter the property safely.

All Fire Hoods, Downlight Hoods, Luminaire Hoods orders to mainland UK are delivered FREE OF CHARGE
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