The FIREFLY Canopies & Downlight covers are designed specifically to stop the passage of smoke and fire through a fire-rated ceiling, where recessed lights and downlights are fitted.

When a hole is made in a fire-rated ceiling to install a light fitting, the fire integrity of the ceiling is seriously compromised. FIREFLY Covers are the simple solution to maintain the integrity of the ceiling.

Being lightweight and quick to install, the FIREFLY Covers which are self-supporting,(Patent No:GB2303547) can be installed from above or below, and can be retro-fitted.

They provide a full 1 hour fire protection, can be installed in any ceiling assembly, and allow the heat from the light fitting to dissipate through the material, so do not cause the light fittings to overheat.

The FIREFLY Covers are the only product of its type on the market that are fully “Third Party Certified” and are fully tested to BS.476 Part 23

FIREFLY covers have been fully tested in a ceiling scenario, and over a light fitting, to ensure both the canopy and the fixings will withstand a 1 hour fire rating.