FIREFLY PHOENIX – Fire & Smoke Barrier

FIREFLY PHOENIX is a thin, lightweight, flexible, fire and smoke barrier. Offering up to 113 minutes fire protection against the passage of fire and smoke (please refer to FLY2 product, if a full 2 hours is required).

* 0.4mm thick
* 440g/m2
* 1.3 m wide
* 10 metre or 25 metre rolls
* Supplied white as standard
* Black available on request
* Water Resistant outer available on request

FIREFLY PHOENIX is a “Third Party Certified” product, for both VERTICAL and HORIZONTAL applications.

Please note PHOENIX does not provide any insulation just integrity (fire and smoke). By insulation we mean heat insulation, so that in the event of a fire PHOENIX will stop the flame and smoke from penetrating the barrier, but will not stop the heat from the fire from passing through. If insulation is a requirement, you will need to visit the VULCAN, PLUS30, PLUS60 or TITAN product pages, these products all offer integrity and insulation at various levels.