Firefly Plus 60 – 120/38 Fire Barrier

FIREFLY PLUS 60 offers 120 minutes integrity and 38 minutes insulation. One of our widely used flexible fire barriers, the PLUS60 gives exceptional performance from its lightweight construction.

* nominal 2.2 kgs/m2
* 10 mm thick
* supplied 1.3m wide x 6 metre length
* 7.8m2 per pack
* Supplied White as standard
* Can be supplied Black on request
* Water Resistant outer if required
* Third Party Certified for both VERTICAL and HORIZONTAL installations
* 16db Acoustic Rating
* Fully tested to British Standards

Adding to its list of uses, the PLUS 60 gives good Acoustic performance, at 16db as a stand alone barrier, increasing to 46db when installed in conjunction with a typical mineral fibre lay in grid system.

Third Party Certified products, give total confidence to the Specifier, Contractor and Building Owner that the product will perform as intended.