Firefly Titan – 120-60 Firefly Barrier

The biggest performer in the FIREFLY range of products to date, is the FIREFLY TITAN.

Providing 120 minutes integrity and 60 minutes insulation, this flexible Fire Barrier offers a solution to meet most Fire Barrier requirements.

* 120 minutes integrity / 60 minutes insulation
* nominal 15mm thick
* 3.9 kgs/m2
* 1.3 m wide x 6 metre length
* 7.8m2 per pack
* Supplied white as standard
* Black on request
* Water resistant outer if required
* 19db Acoustic rating
* Third Party Certified for both VERTICAL and HORIZONTAL applications
* Tested to relevant Building Regulations

Coupled with the high rating of Fire protection, the FIREFLY TITAN also has excellent acoustic properties, providing 19db from the stand alone product increasing to approx 49db when installed in conjunction with a mineral fibre lay in grid system.

Currently a double layer of FIREFLY TITAN will provide 120 minutes integrity and 90 minutes insulation – for details please contact FIREFLY directly.

Third Party Certification gives full confidence to the Specifier, Contractor and Building owner, that products will perform as intended.

Some recent installations using TITAN are:- Olympic Media Centre, Hinckley Point Power Station, St. Mary’s Hospital IOW and Berecroft Estate, Harlow.