NAUTILUS MFA60SB A60 Class Fire Barrier

The NAUTILUS MFA60SB is a lightweight easy to install “A60” Class fire barrier, from only 15 mm nominal thickness of product, and approx 5.4kg/m2 for steel bulkheads and decks.

There are many unique advantages with the NAUTILUS products in that the simple installation method negates the need for weld pins, thus giving tremendous savings on installation time and costs.

* No requirement for weld pins
* Quick application
* Can be integrated into first fix system
* Fixed top and bottom only
* Very resistant to abrasion
* Clean installation with minimal clean up
* Work can be carried out off ship
* No need to evacuate ship during application
* No requirement for additional skin
* Easy to remove/refit during service
* Material is flexible with no fibre migration
* Fully tested to IMO, Solas and USG standards
* GL Approved

A survey done recently on the savings made on installation time, for a MFA60SB barrier, compared with a mineral fibre type barrier, gave results of at least 50% saving for NAUTILUS over Mineral Fibre.

Another great benefit of the MFA60SB is that it has an acoustic rating of 23db as a stand alone product. The picture opposite actually shows MFA60SB installed as an acoustic barrier around a generator.